How old do I need to be to order?

You must be 18 years or older or have parent/guardian permission to place an order.

Can I cancel, exchange or return my order?

No,  All sales are Final. 

Is your website secure?

Yes, this website is powered by Shopify and all personal information is encrypted with Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

What comes with my slime package?

With every order you get a Thank you card, business/slime care instructions, candy & extra treats. 

What happens if my slime arrives sticky?

You can add just a little of the activator (baking soda/saline solution) & knead to desired texture.

Do you use Borax powder? What is in your activator?

No, we do not use borax powder. We use baking soda & saline solution( Saline contains sodium borate) which is in the boron family. 

What happens if my slime is too hard?

You can add some lotion or foaming soap.

Should I wash my hands before playing with slime?

Yes, it is recommended that you wash before and after.

Where can I play with my slime?

You should always play with slime on clean, hard surfaces such as a table.

Where should I keep my slime?

You should place your slime back in the container it came in.

My Slime got on my clothes, What do I do?

Wash in Hot water, it should come right off.

Is my slime edible?

No, never eat slime. It's not edible

I did not get my order yet?

We will send a notification when your slime has shipped.

I think I typed in the wrong address?

Contact me immediately with the correct address. If the package has already been shipped & the package is returned back to us, you will be responsible for re-shipping fees.

Do you ship Internationally?

No, Unfortunately we do not ship Internationally at this time.

If you do not see the answer to your question, please feel free to email me: